Cosmique is a venture created and backed by two close friends, from different areas (Luke – Milton Keynes, Justin – Islington) with an equal passion for music.

The two of us play and make music in our spare time, and have always had a vision to run events and spread our enthusiasm to likeminded people. We believe our success to date has been down to the time, effort, and passion we’ve put into building a network of people who appreciate our creative approach. We all are firm believers that people make the party, so we invest a lot of our energy and spare time in making sure we create the perfect vibe for our parties.

Our career backgrounds working in advertising really help us stand out, be different, and be noticed - we’ve had many compliments about the decor at our parties.

We have a vision to grow and become a bigger and better party, the most refreshing feeling is witnessing people appreciate the atmosphere and music, we want to reach out to as many people as possible who share the same values as us.